Ticket to Europe


  • Genre: Adventure
  • Platform: PC
  • Release Date: Q4 2018
  • Languages: English, Polish
  • Developer: ACT Zero


  • Interactive coverage of migration issues.
  • A compelling story that forces the player to reevaluate his opinions.
  • Random events make every playthrough unpredictable.
  • A factual approach to the issue.



You are an African immigrant traveling on a small boat with other immigrants heading to Europe. The main objective of the game is to safely cross the Mediterranean Sea and overcome the stress, health issues, unforgiving weather conditions and overwhelming boredom during the journey. The steadily depleting supplies (food and water) and unpredictable events will force the player to make hard and sometimes even grave decisions.

Every playthrough differs thanks to the procedurally generated world and randomized event system. It’s a one of a kind rogue-like visual novel which blends the paragraph adventure style of gameplay with unique choices and their consequences. Every trip is a greatly different and unique experience depending on the player’s own judgment
in various situations. Ticket to Europe attempts to embrace the uncertain nature of a refugee’s journey, giving the player the opportunity to experience the dread of escaping a war-torn country.

Every person you meet on the boat has a unique and compelling story to tell, his own motivation, fears and views on the events that brought all of you to this point. A skillfully managed conversation can unveil personal dramas and war tragedies or tales of broken families and ruined lives. The tensions on the packed, overcrowded boat are extremely high due to the travelers’ past experiences and the unusually difficult present situation.

Do you have the will to survive?



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