The Noble’s Tale


  • Genre: Strategy
  • Platform: PC
  • Release Date: Q3 2018
  • Language: English
  • Developer: Nevadro Apps


  • Set In 16th – 17th century Poland
  • Real historical Events Mixed into the story.
  • Different endings dependent on player’s decisions.
  • Mini-games: earn money and experience performing tasks typical of the period.



In Noble’s Tale, you become a young Polish nobleman who wants to restore his family’s good name and bring his old manor back to it’s former glory. This is a challenge because the manor needs a great deal of work. You decide how to develop the manor, when to purchase new land and whether or not to fulfill the wishes of the peasants. You must learn how to grow crops and choose to sell or store your harvest in the granary for the hard winter. You also play a role in a number of historical events. On the lighter side, you can go fishing or play cards in the tavern if it strikes your fancy.

It was a bright and clear night; a group of children gathered around their father.

Sit down comfortable and listen” father spoke calmly and turned his gaze toward the window.

During the reign of Hetman Batory, Latoń was the lord of these lands…”  The man smiled in reflection at those good times when even the poorest had lived at a decent level.

One day, old Latoń left his manor after a visit from the royal messenger.” Father turned, looked sadly at his youngest daughter and said:



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