Rawr Off


  • Genre: Arcade, Competitive Multiplayer
  • Platform: iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch (soon)
  • Release Date: Q4 2017
  • Language: English
  • Developer: Yokai Games


  • 10 different monsters! – Flying Spaghetti Monster or maybe Sushi-senpai?

  • 8 battlefields – each one unique with special attributes. You can choose classic gameplay style or the full of surprises one. Do you like unsuspected bombs?

  • Obstacles & bonuses turn on/off switch – block your opponent but watch out, you can also block yourself.

  • 2-4 players tournament mode – enjoy with your friends! Launch a quick game with a friend and find out who is the best?

  • Arcade mode – All that, but you still feeling like a lone wolf? Why don’t you try arcade single-player mode and try your strength against 8 different AI opponents?


  • TV mode with Joycons – show your moves and reflex!

  • HD rumble – feel diversified vibrations while reloading, shooting… and winning! 


Hello there, gamer.

How is the weather? Is it a nice evening? Is it rainy morning? Or maybe… are you playing in tons of snow?

Doesn’t matter! It’s always time to pick a friend and make a little Rawr-Off.

This local multiplayer game is a battle of wits and a battle of muscles. Choose if you want to beat up your friend in the handheld mode, using your fingers and dirty tricks or if you would rather swing your fist in the air with a TV-Joycon mode.




Sales contact

(+48) 536 565 945

available from 9:00 – 17:00 (CET)

Email sales@fatdoggames.com