• Genre:Adventure, 
  • Platforms: PC
  • Release date:
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish
  • Developer: Pigmentum Game Studio


  • Deep, melancholy atmosphere thanks to high quality handmade art and originally composed soundtrack.
  • Intriguing story evolving at every subtle, seemingly trivial decision.
  • Engaging narrative with multiple endings depending on the decisions made by the player.
  • Unique, ever-changing room which reacts to the mental state of the main character.



Indygo is a narrative game with point ‘n’ click elements set in one room only – a painting workshop.

It tells the story of a painter who suffers from depression.

One of the symptoms is proceeding isolation. The main character hasn’t left his room for more than 3 months. The person who helps him live through this hard time is his girlfriend Anna. It became obvious for both of them, that this situation can’t last forever…

The main topic of the game is depression and isolation. Indygo attempts to illustrate what people affected by mood disorders may experience. The game counteracts the stigmatization of those people. During the game, you will see the world through the eyes of the main character. 

Handmade graphic and music are important elements that add depth to story. The room changes accordingly to the mental state of a character.

The game has multiple endings. How the story ends depends on the seemingly trivial decisions made by the player during the game…



"A very poignant game that will hopefully help people to speak out about their struggles, as well as showcase just how important storytelling is in games."
"Despite some missteps with its gameplay, Indygo is a deeply immersive, realistic, and nuanced depiction of depression."
“I recommend it to all who are thirsty for experimental games with a huge emotional content.”
“Frightfully accurate portrayal of what happens in the mind of someone suffering from depression”
“The story will consume us. We will feel a little like we accidentally and very unwillingly began reading someone's diary, the content of which, though forbidden, must see the light of day. A journal which is shouting: 'Take, read, share ... save me!'”

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