Watch where you shoot!

Exterm is a sci-fi action game with tactical elements and a top-down view. The new game is brought to you by WarSaw Games, the creators of the platformer Dream Alone. Set in a space-opera future, humanity has colonized the galaxy and encounters dangerous alien pests that infest spaceships and mining stations.

Someone is going to have to exterminate these life forms and earn money for the jobs… That someone is J, a one-woman army. She’s a clever tactician that knows mindless gun blazing isn’t good for business. Shoot the pests, not the cargo and leave essential spaceship systems intact. Be smart, set the right traps and choose the best weapons for the job. This is J’s recipe for success.

INFO / Genre: Sci-Fi Shooter / Platform: PC / Release Date: 2019 / Language: English / Developer: WarSaw Games

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