• Genre: Real Time Strategy (RTS)
  • Platforms: PC, Xbox, PS4, Mac, Linux
  • Release date: Q1 2018 (PC), other TBA
  • Languages: English, Polish
  • Developer: Solid 9 Studio
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  • The game’s got looks! Beautiful graphics with antidepressant bright colors!
  • 12 fantasy missions in single player campaign.
  • Multiplayer skirmishes offline and online, casual or with global leaderboard.
  • 10+ unit types with crazy skills.


Exorder is one of those not overly-complicated tactical turn-based games with simple rules and dangerous depths.

It features a single-player fantasy campaign and a multiplayer skirmishes, both online and offline.

Exorder’s got looks and smarts! Under the layer of colorful graphics lies a cleverly designed tactics system. The game is a solid entry into the turn-based tactics genre that focus on fun and easy to pick up combat.

Single-player campaign consists of 12 missions linked by a fantasy-style story about three neighbouring countries and a game of the throne after the deceased king. This mode gets you acquainted with skills needed to successfully command a roster of Exorder’s quirky units.

In Multiplayer Mode you can choose between online matchmaking and casual skirmish. Fight against randomly selected players of a similar skill level. Defeat your enemy to climb up global leaderboard! Or casually create a custom multiplayer game for up to 4 players, either offline or online.



"A great turn based strategy that has the soul of Advance Wars mixed with swords and magic. Along with the entertaining campaign the multiplayer is a blast and with both online and offline modes will keep you entertained for a long time."
The Digital Fix
"Exorder is not a bad game, nor a masterpiece. It delivers a nice narrative and a good variety of units, but the gameplay is a bit dull, with no real elements that can push to create complex tactics."
Spazio Games
"A bright, simple turn based strategy game with some interesting unit abilities, that fails to engage in any meaningful way. Unless you've played every other strategy game out there, it's honestly not worth your time."
Old Grizzled Gamers

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