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Offroad Transport Simulator

Sit behind the wheel of an old powerful truck and deliver your chosen cargo to the purchase point. Earn money and purchase new heavy machinery and excavators.

Dead Climb

A casual ragdoll physics-based game about climbing after death. The player is thrown into mountain climbing limbo and has to use his dead limbs to reach the top. Zombietaining!


Adventure, steampunk, point ‘n’ click game, accompanied by hand-made graphics.

The Chronicles of Nyanya

A sweet jRPG-style game about cats, brutal massacres, cuteness, racism and social issues, friendship, sinister thoughts, hilarity and Nazi furniture. It’s an epic attempt to blow your mind with adult themes hidden behind bright cartoon graphics.

Rawr Off

A quick paced, local multiplayer, party game for 2 players.

The Unholy Society

Inspired by 80s and 90s action movies as well as comic book series such as Preacher and Constantine. It presents a world captured by the united forces of demons and monsters.


Find yourself smack in the middle of a haunted forest in the dead of night. Talk to spirits through your Ouija board. Capture evidence of the paranormal, but beware, fiercely aggressive demons are on the hunt.

Sand is The Soul

Sand Is The Soul

An unusual adventure game with combat and RPG elements. Everything you do has a result and the so-called right choice does not always lead to good. Accept the consequences of your decisions and explore, fight, die or go mad in the gloomy post-punk Victorian lore of Crosshill.


An FPP simulation game with adventure-like, detective elements set in a futuristic, open world. The game has innovative, remindful of early 3D games and DOS applications.

Longboard Downhill

Longboard Downhill is a simulator of longboard riding down steep, mountain asphalt roads. The player’s goal is to ride downhill in the shortest time possible.


A third-person perspective action adventure game with sci-fi and horror elements. Try to survive in a vast zone full of dangerous anomalies that alter your surroundings and monsters that hunt you down at night.


An adventure platform game. Help the heroine, Kla, stop the evil beasts and recover her lost memory.

Dream Alone

2D platformer with classic platform gameplay, unique abilities, deadly traps, horror elements and a dark storyline.

Ignis: Duels of Wizards

A skill-based game of the battle arena category. The core mechanic is the ability to control trajectories of projectiles. There are also multiple spells of all other sorts: AoE, summoning spells, battle cries, curses.

Body of Evidence

Become a dead body disposal specialist. You need to hide the body and clean the mess before someone arrives. Remember, you’re on a clock. Use proper tools and be thorough because one smear of blood will get you in trouble.

Warlocks 2: God Slayers

Challenge the vile gods and dethrone them in this action RPG mixing retro aesthetics with modern gameplay. Team up with up to 4 friends in online & local co-op. Choose from a cast of 5 powerful Warlocks.


A narrative game with elements of point’n’click set in one room only – painting workshop. It tells the story of a painter who suffers from depression. Solve puzzles and make decisions that affect how the game ends. Indygo attempts to show how people with depression can feel.

The Noble’s Tale

Become a 16th-century nobleman! With your own manor! OK, the manor needs work. A lot of work. The game is an economic sim after all, you cannot start with the perfect business, right?

Cow Catcher

3D casual, arcade game based on the idea of wingsuit flying and… kidnapping cows. Basically. No, that’s not a typo.

Ticket to Europe

An interactive exploration of modern migration issues presented in the form of a visual novel game. You are an African immigrant stuck on a small boat bound for Europe with dozens of other people. Every person has a personal story to tell. Everyone wants to survive. At any cost.

Motorbike Garage Mechanic Simulator

Comprehensive, technical simulation, all about choppers – the manliest motorcycles in the world. Exchange parts, service bikes and assemble them from scratch!

Inner Voices

Non-linear, dark, first person adventure game with horror, rogue-like elements and five endings.


From the creators of Dream Alone comes the sci-fi top-down shooter where you really have to watch where you shoot. Exterminate alien pests but don’t destroy precious cargo!


One of those not overly-complicated tactical turn-based games with simple rules and dangerous depths. It features a single-player fantasy campaign and a multiplayer skirmishes, both online and offline.

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